Prospect Research and Development

Non-profit organizations, from schools to universities and from advocacy groups to powerhouse research groups, all need money to be able to continue to fulfill their mission. Having a professional researcher can help your non-profit target the donors most likely to give and help you maximize the gifts to your organization.

However, many institutions cannot afford a full-time prospect researcher, so that is where I come in. I can do anything from a profile and giving capacity on a single person to a more complex analysis of giving histories so that you can focus on the most likely donors. I can also review similar institutions to find prospect who would be a good fit for your organization but haven’t had the opportunity yet to give.

I can also help advise your organization on the myriad of expensive choices that litter the non-profit landscape: the choice of a database and the choice of a wealth screening vendor most of all. These choices can affect you for years to come, so making the right choice is key.

Please let me know if I can help your organization meet and exceed its goals.