Virginia Freedom of Information Act

The Virginia Freedom of Information Act is a complicated and wide-ranging bill that details the ways in which the public can get information on the work that their elected officials and public agencies are doing. Having someone who has navigated the Freedom of Information Act, submitted requests, and procured documents is critical.

In addition, some organizations will try and estimate extremely high costs so that they don’t have to fulfill a person’s request, whether it be through sloth or disinterest. I have negotiated with organizations to reduce the amount for which they are asking, so I can get you the information at the lowest cost possible (or sometimes waiving the fee entirely!).

Finally, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act requires that the requestee be a resident of Virginia. If you are not a resident, I can get these public records for you as well.

Interested? Please get in contact with me so that I can help you get the records that belong to you.