Electronic Records, Data Recovery, and File Migration

I first became interested in data recovery and file migration when a friend of mine had an iPod that crashed, leaving all of her music inaccessible. Through experimentation and use of the proper tools, I was able to recover all of her music; thus began my interest in electronic records and data recovery. This was part of the reason that I got my master’s in Information Science at the University of North Carolina.
While at the Library of Virginia, I was the key person that helped recover temporary files, lost email boxes, and hidden documents that were public records. These files needed to be stored, cataloged, and made available to the general public and I have the tools and skills to do so.
Whether you are an archival institution or a person who found an old computer off of which they need to get information, I have the skills to help you with your project.

  • Recovery of Microsoft Outlook email boxes (both .pst and .ost files)
  • Analysis of hard drives to find and recovery email, Word documents, and photographs
  • Recovery of information from corrupt or unopenable files
  • Migration of files into formats that are future-proofed and will be able to be opened for the foreseeable future
  • Adding metadata to electronic records using Bag-it as they are accessioned so that intellectual control can be established
  • Use of BitCurator, Linux, and other tools to provide these services